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We help companies revolutionize their business through our forefront Blockchain solutions.

Our Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain technology radically transforms existing methods and add new processes and mechanisms for an enhanced relationship value between enterprises and their customer bases, as it holds the key to unlocking greater efficiency gains and solving tons of the current pressing issues of various businesses.

Identifying the right Blockchain protocol is critical to success. Thus, we provide you with custom-built applications and we support you throughout the entire process of integrating and adapting Blockchain technology into your company network.

Getting Into the Blockchain Business

Initial Coin Offerings

Embark on your blockchain experience bty launching your own Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) to streamline and secure your business with highly structured processes

Decentralized Apps (dApps)

There is no need for third parties! Create a stable, secure and organized platform to distribute business processes. Powered by blockchain technology, dApps is an easy-to-use and efficient platform for your business.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Provide better visibility and access across the entire supply chain in order to deliver better quality service to your customers and trading partners. Our innovative blockchain technology makes it efficient to get from one point to another without inconvenience.

Proof of Existence (PoE)

Establish an instant and secure web application to prove the existence of important documents through blockchain. By using blockchain technology, users can quickly supervise and sign important documents without a third party.

Optimized Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies Customized

Nexus Chain not only analyzes the powerful cryptocurrency available in the market, but also aims to create your own tokens to supplement your company’s needs. With this, we collectively help transition cryptocurrency into mainstream use.

Market, Exchange, and Trade

Build the next generation of cryptocurrency by creating a secure, stable, and transparent platform for cryptocurrency exchange through public markets or trading desks.

Digital Wallets

We create customized digital wallets to store and backup your cryptocurrency in a secure platform, to fully protect your digital assets, and to get full control of your crypto money.

Community and Crowd Sale

Develop business and product ideas with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and cultivate a democratic and autonomous organization that exists solely on your blockchain platform.

Smart Contracts and Things

Define Your Terms

With smart contracts, you can transform your day-to-day operations by preventing potential agreement breaches and alterations. Transaction terms can easily be defined with smart contracts.

Smart Audit

Once smart contracts are defined, your company can optimize processes with smart contracts code. This will allow you to make a detailed audit which can help you identify certain types of vulnerabilities.

Privacy & Security the Way You Want It

Private Blockchain

Secure your business transactions by setting up a private network within your organization. With a private distributed ledger, your company can experience quicker and less costly transactions with minimal to no scalability

Loan Data Sharing

By enabling data sharing among stakeholders, we prevent fraudulent transactions from companies and lenders. Data sharing allows stable and secure transactions as we protect our confidential information from data manipulation.

Services Beyond

Blockchain Training

No idea how to use blockchain? Nexus Chain offers full trainings on blockchain basics and how blockchain technology can help your business. Our trainings can help you transition and use this innovation quickly to solve problems while keeping your business running.

Consultation Services

Find out how your business can benefit from blockchain. We offer consultation services and brainstorming sessions to help you expand and transform your business and access the feasibility of solutions to your brand.